Here’s a quick concept that is super simple. But, can make a MASSIVE positive difference in your life!…

Begin to practice things you want to get better at.

The great Jim Rohn said this in Chapter 1 of Conversations with Millionaires & it’s pure GOLD!!

My thoughts on this: Make a list of things you want to get better at. Especially things that will help you achieve your most important goals & dreams.

Then, choose 1 to start practicing every day, or at least every week, so you’ll get better and better at it.

What matters MOST is that you begin taking steps and actions to get some practice (or more practice) doing those things so you’ll improve your skills in the areas that can make the biggest difference for you.

ALL self-made millionaires achieved their success as a result of doing certain things well. Many of them had to practice, to get good at those things, to develop the talents that lead to their success.

So, begin doing this very same thing yourself!

Here’s to YOU achieving your goals & dreams, my friend!

i BELIEVE in you! And. I CARE about you & your success.

Thx for letting me share & make a positive difference for you!

Jason Oman
TV Success Story & #1 Best-Selling Author of Conversations with Millionaires, Conversations with Female Millionaires, & Unlimited Home Business Success

PS: PLEASE share this with others who can benefit from getting better at great & helpful things too!

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