To become successful it makes a lot of sense to focus on the most proven methods and secrets to success that have helped LOTS of other people become successful themselves.
Then, you can become successful by modeling the common methods they’ve used.

After personal 1-on-1 interviews with more than 17 different self-made millionaires I discovered some incredibly powerful secrets to success and building wealth. (See & for more on those.)

Now, when it comes to building wealth & becoming successful 1 of the MOST IMPORTANT success secrets is to narrow down your focus so you can keep yourself paying attention to and focusing on the things that can create the biggest and BEST win-wins for you AND for others as well!

After all, one of the biggest & most important secrets to success is to realize that creating the biggest WIN/s for other people is how to set yourself up for maximum success!

So, one method you can use is to set up reminders to help keep yourself on track focusing on the most important action steps & areas of your income generation strategies.

This seems like SUCH a simple tactic that some people will actually giggle or laugh at it.

But, some of those same people are constantly getting distracted by ‘life’ and not keeping themselves focused on taking the actions that will create the success they desire!

So, don’t let yourself be one of those people!

Another method you can use is to set up a prioritized checklist of To Dos that will bring you to the success you desire one step at a time.

Then, those reminders you set up could even simply help you stay focused on the next steps to success necessary to achieve your goals!

The bottomline is that the MOST POWERFUL & IMPORTANT key to success is to develop the disciplines that will lead to success in whatever type of work or business you’re involved with!

Whatever your goals & dreams, there are disciplines to fast track your journey that if developed (& acted on) can create miracles on your life!

So, begin at once creating a prioritized list of action steps (IE: To Dos) that can turbo charge your progress to the success you desire!

Getting & keeping yourself on track with this specific focus can create what will seem like miracles for you & your bank account/s!

So, here’s to YOU achieving your dreams, my friend!

To YOUR success,

Jason Oman
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