When it comes to making money, building wealth, becoming successful, and even becoming a millionaire, there are a number of INCREDIBLY important factors to keep in mind and focus on making continuous forward progress with…

What I’m talking about is that it’s actually possible to set yourself up to be able to truly ENJOY your life to the fullest and enjoy the very BEST that life has to offer, rather than being chained down taking actions every work day that you don’t actually ENJOY, and that you actually would rather NOT have to do. (This is actually a LOT more common than most people take any time to think about!)

See, it’s actually MUCH more common for people to not think this kinda thing through like they should and end up setting themselves up in a self-created prison, rather than being able to actually ENJOY each and every day of their life! (Or at least MOST days of your life, right?)

Afterall, what good is becoming successful unless you set yourself up to really maximize the benefits, enjoyment, and lifestyle that “success” can allow you to enjoy, right?

In other words, different people have different definitions of “success”. And if you don’t make SURE you have a CLEAR defintion of the success you’re aiming for, you may not actually hit your ‘target’.

I’ve seen LOTS of people who have taken actions to become successful, but not actually ending up in a situation they truly ENJOY! In fact, it can actually lead to being in a self-created jail of some sort.

A jail that would make you feel like “what the heck did I bust my butt to make THIS happen for?”

In other words, success CAN be an amazingly AWESOME thing. But, without the right secrets & systems, it’s actually possible to set yourself up to be stuck in a mode of constantly needing to keep things moving, and going, rather than being able to actually ENJOY the success you’ve created.

So, let’s help make SURE you keep yourself lined up and crankin’ to create a LIFE and lifestyle that is actually something you truly WANT to live and be able to enjoy, right?

So, to do this, I think 1 of the things that’s important to do is to figure out and determine exactly WHAT you would consider to be a truly GREAT and enjoyable reality for yourself (factoring in things like income, lifestyle, freedom, how you spend your time, etc).

This could mean figuring out things like WHERE you want to live, what you’d DO with your time each day, what options you open up and make available for yourself, and any number of other factors that could be worth considering as well.

So, why not grab a Notepad (or a 3×5 index card) and make a Note to post someplace where you’ll see it consistently to help you figure out exactly WHAT kind of life and lifestyle you really WANT to create and would actually ENJOY to the fullest, right?

It’s really only by figuring these things out and then taking the right actions consistently that you can really give yourself the truly BEST chances of creating success, wealth, & financial freedom. And, of course, actually making it your reality.

So, it’s definitely worth investing a few minutes of your time to do this, don’t you think?

In case it helps you get started with this, why not answer questions like, “What would have to happen, or what would my life have to be like, for me to KNOW I am truly living the life I dreamed of?

What would I do with my extra free time if I actually DID become successful and was able to enjoy true time & financial freedom?

Who do I know, like, and trust that I could talk to to help me figure out these answers and figure out a reality to really visualize and focus on turning into my TRUE reality?

Listen, my friend, I’ve seen (and helped) LOTS of people achieve truly AMAZING things and I KNOW what kind of life and lifestyle is actually truly POSSIBLE!

But, I also know that really achieving amazing things takes some focus, determination, and especially TRUE consistency!!

So, I just want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to give you the very BEST chance/s of enjoying your life to the fullest!

Afterall, like the old saying goes… “You only live ONCE!”

So, you may as well make it the very BEST you possibly can, right?”

Feel free to comment and let me know if this was helpful for you and if it helps you get yourself on track to actually creating the reality you truly want to create for yourself!

Here’s to YOU enjoying the very BEST of success, financial freedom, and even true wealth, my friend! 🙂

Jason Oman
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