If you’re someone who wants to build wealth, create success, and maybe even become a millionaire, it makes a LOT of sense to focus on using the secrets to success that others used to become a millionaire themselves, right?…

Afterall, the more ways to make money you discover, and the more you take the right action steps to success, the more and more successful you’ll become!

Now, with that said, the REAL path to success is really all about how good you are at keeping yourself focused on the RIGHT things consistently!

After all, the better you get at keeping yourself focused on the right things & taking action, the more and more successful you’ll become and the FASTER you’ll achieve success!

So, here’s a few of the most important secrets self-made millionaires have used to build wealth and become successful themselves…

1) Set goals that are IMPORTANT & MATTER to you to achieve!
The more emotion and PASSION you have to achieve a goal, the more likely you’ll be to actually follow through, & take the actions to achieve it!

2) Determine the MOST IMPORTANT Action Steps necessary to achieve your MOST important goal/s. What ACTIONS when taken will take you furthest in the least time?

NOTE: It’s VERY important to take actions even if you’re not sure they’re the FASTEST results-getting actions you could possibly take. But, AS you make forward progress make sure to keep track of the actions you take that get the best results so you can repeat the winning actions!
Just don’t hold yourself back from take action because you’re not 100% sure it’s the BEST action you can take! ANY action is likely to be better than NO actions!

3) Figure out what disciplines you need to develop to keep yourself on track to take those action steps to become successful! Developing winning habits & disciplines is THE most important key to consistent forward progress to achieve success!

SOME of the habits/disciplines you need to develop may NOT create the most ENTICING thoughts/feelings for you. But, just do SOME amount, or version, of action for it consistently, and it’ll make you more and more willing to do more as you see the results it can give you!

4) Make a list of disciplines to work on developing to achieve your specific goal/s. Then set up reminder/s to keep yourself on track developing those disciplines consistently.

5) Figure out ways to add more and more leverage to the equation so you can get more and better results in less time and with less effort.

6) Figure out what methods and secrets to success work best for you.

7) Figure out ways that give you the MOST leverage for your time and effort invested.

8) Repeat the methods that work best to take yourself to higher & higher levels of success!

Now, with all of that said, it’s important to also understand one of the MOST critical factors to become successful is to understand and live by the fact that we suffer one of two things… Either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

So, the better you get at keeping yourself on track developing the necessary disciplines for achieving your goals, the faster you’ll get where you want to go and be able to ENJOY achieving your goals, dreams, and ambitions!

So, the MOST IMPORTANT question you can answer right now (and over the coming days and weeks) is…

What specific disciplines do you need to develop and
apply to achieve your most important goals and dreams?

Setting up helpful reminders can help with this too.

So, take FULL advantage of things like http://Google.com/calendar as well!

Even put Post It notes on your bathroom mirror or on your Desk where you work to help remind you of the things you need to stay on top of!

The bottom line is to simply do anything and everything you need to do to keep yourself on track & making consistent forward progress to turn your goals, dreams, and ambitions into reality!

I believe in you, my friend! And I KNOW you CAN do more than you may even believe is possible for yourself! (Giving yourself credit for what you CAN do & ARE capable of is incredibly important too!)

Here’s to YOU achieving the goals and desires of your DREAMS, my friend!

To YOUR success!

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