When it comes to becoming successful, a great starting point, (after you set some goals, obviously), is to start developing a plan of action. Even just to give you a starting point, of some kind, if nothing else…

Set yourself up for success in advance, so you can keep yourself on track, and making consistent forward progress.

This can be huge for you!

Because, by having a plan, with a good starting point, & tactics/factors that give you leverage, it can get you moving forward. Even if it’s not the ‘perfect’ action steps in the beginning…

In fact, it may only be from actually taking some action/s that you discover/realize things you could/should try next. (Some actions get better results. And, some things can be done faster/easier than others, right?)

After all, sometimes figuring out better steps to take comes from actually taking action, and making some kind forward progress. It can give you perspectives you likely wouldn’t have had, if it weren’t for taking those actions.

Plus, by having some sort of plan, it can give you a direction to head in at each point along the way! Even, a super ‘general’ plan, can be an amazingly powerful starting point to get things moving forward.

Just keep in mind the power of “progress versus perfection”!

The more forward progress you make, the more perfect you’re being anyway, just by taking action to make forward progress happen! (That’s a lot more ‘perfect’ than no forward progress, at all, right? Even if all you get from those actions are lessons to help move things further, & faster, from there, it’s still a win!)

LOTS of entrepreneurs get themselves stuck in a rut. Because, they keep letting themselves get trapped in perfectionism. Rather than just keeping things moving forward and making adjustments along the way.

There is no such thing as ‘Perfect’ anyway. So, just allow any/all forward progress to be the Perfect you seek. Even if those actions only bring you lessons you can use to make more forward progress from there! (Remember, helpful lessons are Forward Progress, too!)

Action vs in-action & Progress vs perfection… Master those 2 things, & you’ll put yourself in a league so far from most people, it’ll be amazing!

Here’s to you making your dreams come true, my friend!

To your success,

Jason Oman
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