When it comes to making money as an entrepreneur to achieve success, financial freedom, or just to make money for something/s you want, it’s incredibly important to make SURE you have set up your financial foundation/s properly!

So, it’s INCREDIBLY important to MAKE SURE you have things lined up and handled when it comes to having a safety net of at least SOME kind in case anything happens!

I had to learn this the hard way, myself, as a result of having a life-threatening brain anneurysm that almost killed me. (Doctors only gave me a 12% chance of survival.)

Now, I was only in my 30’s, so having anything like this happen was the LAST thing I ever expected.

But, I’m EXTREMELY thankful I had some things in place and taken care of for sure!

So, there’s a few things that are among the MOST important…

A few things you should focus on making sure you have covered are things like…

* Develop and expand some PASSIVE income streams to cover your expenses.

* Set up SYSTEMS for all of the most important factors of your financial enterprise as you can
(Your business, investments, income streams, etc).

* Set up more than ONE place where you keep important things like your Log In info, Account Numbers & Access Info, etc. So, in case you lose the device, doc, or Folder you keep it in, you have a back-up just in case.

  • Also, it’s INCREDIBLY important to focus on getting some great investments going that can not only solidify your income, but also so you have a safety net in case something happens and you need some back up financial resource/s.

(A GREAT example is a passive income flowing assett/s that can be sold for a decent chunk of money if it’s ever needed is one GREAT example of this!)

The bottomline is that not only are passive income streams an extremely SMART idea anyway, the fact of the matter is that virtually anything can happen at any time and you just are WAY better off making SURE you have things covered as you continue on your way to the success you seek!

On top of all this, it’s incredibly smart to work on adding more and more leverage to the areas of your life that involve your personal time and effort anyway!

So, here’s a quick series of steps that can help you make true MAGIC happen cashlflow-wise…

Pick a specific goal you want to achieve.

Make a list of disciplines you need to develop to achieve that goal.

Then set up reminder/s to keep yourself on track developing those disciplines.

From there, it’s a GREAT idea to figure out additional ways to add more leverage to the equation so you can get more and better results in less time and with less effort.

Figure out what methods work best for you.

Repeat the methods that work best to take your success to higher and higher levels!

As you become more and more successful, you will undoubtedly begin to realize more and more just how valuable and limited your time truly is in this lifetime! So, just take action NOW to make sure you have things handled and taken care of to put yourself in the best possible position whether anything negative happens to you or not!

Here’s to YOU living a properous and enjoyable life, my friend!

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