As a result of some decent success I’ve had myself (& interactions with other successful entrepreneurs including some famous self-made millionaires) over the years, I’ve been able to uncover what I think it the MOST powerful factor (even secret?) to amazing success!

It will probably seem pretty obvious AFTER you read it, but if this factor hasn’t already popped into your mind from reading the 1st paragraph above, then it’s probably a GREAT reminder for you anyway… 🙂

Obviously, NOTHING beats the possibilities that the right actions done consistently can produce!

So, it makes all the sense in the world to do some testing & experimentation to figure out what actions work great for you and your specific goals, dreams, & ambitions!

In fact, you can (and SHOULD) consistently experiment to figure out action steps that get better & better results, or equally good results with less time/effort/stress/etc. Because, when you want to become successful, nothing beats taking the right winning actions!

So, why not simply develop the habit/discipline of taking winning actions consistently, right?

Or, even figure out how you can automate/systemize/outsource so those winning actions happen consistently without YOU doing them yourself (or, without you doing ALL of them yourself).

ALL of the amazingly successful millionaires in my books, ‘Conversations with Millionaires’ & ‘Conversations with Female Millionaires’ made incredible dreams come true by figuring out and then consistently taking winning actions! And now, I think it’s YOUR turn!

To the success of your DREAMS, my friend!

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