Successful Entrepreneurs (& Successful Home Business Entrepreneurs) all have THIS going for them! Don’t YOU want this too?…

If you’re someone who wants to work from home, in your own successful Home Business, there are a number of incredibly important factors you need to have working for you…

In THIS Post, you’re going to learn what I believe is the true CORE that all highly-successful entrepreneurs have going for them.

Virtually every successful Home Business entrepreneur (& all successful NON-Home Business entrepreneurs as well) have 1st and foremost what I call a winning “VES”.

I came up with the letters V.E.S. which stand for having a winning “Value Exchange System”.

A ‘Value Exchange System’ is simply a win-win exchange of a desirable (IE. Valuable) Product, Service, or Information which people are willing to exchange their money to get, or to benefit from.

Some great examples of this (although these are obviously larger than ‘Home Business, so this makes an impact with ALL types of entrepreneurs)
are companies like:

* 1-800-FLOWERS (Chapter 8 of my #1 Best-Seller ‘Conversations with Millionaires’ features the CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS, Jim McCann).

* McDonald’s

* Home Depot

Etc, Etc.

And there’s many, many, many MORE great examples, as well.

In essence, a VES is a system (or system of systems) that make SURE the right actions, and steps to success, happen for you (& your business) on a consistent basis.

The better you get at keeping focused on building and keeping consistent winning actions happening around your VES, the more and more successful you will likely be!

It was from recently thinking back to the common factors the millionaires in my books ‘Conversations with Millionaires’ & ‘Conversations with Female Millionaires’, and many other amazingly successful entrepreneurs as well, all have in common, that this concept of ‘V.E.S.’ came to my mind.

And I immediately thought it’s a great way to think about the process of becoming successful as an entrepreneur, isn’t it?

In fact, you can add more and more Value Exchange Systems to a business to create 1 stream of income after another with this concept!

Of course, to do that you need to have a starting point to develop 1 or more winning Value Exchange Systems in the 1st place, right?

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Here’s to YOU achieving your MOST impactful goals, dreams, and desires, my friend!

I believe in you, and I KNOW you can make dreams come true too!

To the success of YOUR dreams…

Jason Oman
TV Success Story
#1 Best-Selling Author of…
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PSS: What other examples of winning ‘Value Exchange Systems’ can YOU think of?

Tune your mind into noticing winning examples of 1 V.E.S. after another as you go through your days, and think back to what I’ve said here. It may just be the turning point to achieving YOUR goals & dreams, my friend!  🙂

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