When it comes to making yourself successful MANY people make a MAJOR mistake that holds them back from truly creating and experiencing the success that COULD actually be possible for them!…

The mistake I’m talking about is spending ALL your time trying to figure out ACTIONS to take that can help you make money, become successful, build wealth, and achieve financial independence instead of focusing on making the internal (and possibly even external) shifts that are necessary to give you a REAL chance at significant and lasting success.

In other words, as an old saying in the Success Information World goes…

===> To change the outer, you have to change the inner. <===

Afterall, let’s face the truth…

To become successful, you need to BE the kind of person who is truly committed to doing the right things on a consistent basis! There simply is NO ‘Magic Pill’ to instant success!

So, if you have not yet become the kind of person who invests time consistently to help yourself become more successful, then it’s probably a great idea to invest some time to evolve into the kind of person who DOES take time on a consistent basis to achieve true and lasting success.

Because unless, and until, you focus on making whatever shifts are necessary in your thinking (and possibly even in your emotional being) to consistently commit to FOCUSING on BEING the kind of person who achieves success, unless you BECOME that kind of person, then your chances of ever achieving the success you truly desire may NEVER become your reality.

Now, with that said, the LAST thing I want to do or be is any kind of DoomsDay Preacher! So, I’m simply saying this to help make SURE you have committed yourself to making whatever shifts might be necessary to help yourself become someone who DOES consistently do the right things so you WILL have the greatest chances of achieving the success you desire.

Now, if you DON’T manage to get yourself to take consistent actions toward the success you desire, then learning more about various actions you SHOULD be taking (but won’t because you haven’t turned yourself into the kind of person who DOES take the right actions consistently) won’t do you any good.

But, I believe you CAN become successful! I believe you CAN become the kind of person who cosnsistently takes the actions to become more and more successful!

Luckily, sometimes all we need to get ourselves moving in the right direction is some kind if ‘nudge’…

So, if you aren’t doing this already), hopefully this little nudge will be the necessary factor that gets you making this happen and giving yourself the very BEST chances of conquering Success Mountain!

Here’s to YOU achieving the success you truly desire, my friend!

Jason Oman
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