Hey Superstar! 🙂

Today I want to share something that is, without a doubt, 1 of the most powerful secrets to success. But, you may not think of it as a ‘Secret”…

It’s something all the millionaires I’ve spent time with, &/or done projects with have used, & continue to use, to make money, become successful, & even build wealth beyond their dreams!…

It’s super simple. But, please don’t let that keep you from taking this seriously!

If you implement this, it can help you make your dreams come true. However, if you shove it to the side, like it’s not anything that matters, then you’re simply destined to remain less successful than you really want, and desire, don’t you?

What I’m talking about here is the unbelievable power of developing winning habits, & disciplines for becoming more and more successful on an ongoing basis.

Because, to the degree that you have winning habits/disciplines going for you, is the degree, and speed, that you’ll achieve the success you desire.

Yes. I told you it was 1 of those “Oh, I’m supposed to take *THAT* seriously?”…(Well, only if you truly want to become successful, make money, & build wealth like a Rock Star!)

As you know… Results come from actions.Consistent results come from consistent actions. But, they can also come from having systems, of 1 kind or another, which takes those actions for you.

The challenge, sometimes though, is knowing WHAT actions to systematize, and how to do that, though, right?

Well, it starts by knowing what to do to make a result happen.

Then, simply turn those winning actions into habits, disciplines

What I mean by habits, & disciplines, is that habits are things you do without even consciously realizing it. Disciplines, on the other had, are things you do, because you know you should/need to. And, so you make the decision to do those things when you know you need to do them. IE: Because, you’re disciplined enough. Not, because of subconcious habit.

So, in other words, they don’t happen automatically, without you even needing to consciously think about it. But, they are things you will do, by simply realizing you need to do them.

Many people’s challenge with becoming successful is simply just getting out of their own way, to do the things, and take the actions necessary to become successful in whatever their chosen field of endeavor is.

So, the key here is to purposely turn the actions for becoming successful into things you do so often, they become no big deal. IE: They become a ‘piece of cake’ to do. IE: So simple for you, you could almost do them with your eyes closed.

To the degree that you get yourself to take winning actions, is the likelihood, and speed, that you will become successful doing those things.

Now, I know this is kind of an analytical way to think about it, and look at it. But, that doesn’t make it any less true, right?

So, just start with simple, small, actions, & activities.

Then, turn those into habits/disciplines you do on a consistent basis, until they become super easy for you to do.

Then, add to it with a little more of a challenging action/s.

As you get better and better at stretching yourself and growing success muscles, you’ll likely be getting results that give you more excitement about the actions, to the point where you fuel, and energize, yourself by doing them, or even just think about doing them, ideally.

In other words, do the best you can to put your journey to success on auto-pilot. So, it becomes a done deal. A foregone conclusion. A sure thing.

I believe in you,. my friend.

Here’s to you turning your dreams into reality!

Jason Oman
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PS: Want a quick example of a simple habit/discipline that I’ve seen help people become amazingly successful?

Well, here’s something you can, & should, condition yourself to do before anything else every day! IE: As soon as possible each day…

Develop the habit of writing out your most important goal for the day 20 times, before you do anything else that day!

In fact, if you have a bigger goal which each day’s goal is a step toward accomplishing, it can put you in an incredible position to make amazing things happen consistently! Talk about fantasic forward progress in your life right?

Imagine accomplishing 1 amazing goal, after another, that are each steping stones toward a much bigger major goal that would be a dream come true for you! (HINT: Having a big major goal that each day’s smaller goals can lead you toward is an awesome way to turn this into magic in your life!)