Today is the 4th of July, ‘Independence Day’ in the USA. So, it’s fitting to focus today on moving yourself toward more and more FINANCIAL Independence!

In the USA, our founding fathers used their ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ to come up with ideas to create our great nation.

You can use that same ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ to generate income for yourself WITHOUT needing to work a JOB to have your living expenses covered!

Using that ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ enables you to come up with ideas for products, services, or information that other people want, or need, and are willing to buy! This is the foundational essence of successful entrepreneurship. This is called having a winning ‘offer’.

Generating income, without needing to rely on a job, is exactly what the phrase ‘Financial Independence’ means.

So, in today’s post, I’m going to reveal some of the factors you need to have working for you to truly BE financially independent.

True Financial Independence comes from having a few things going for you…

First and foremost, you need to have a winning ‘offer’! This is some kind of product, service, or information that other people would be interested in purchasing.

The more desirable your offer is the better! IE Something people are willing to trade some money for.

You also need to know at least 1 or more specific ‘target markets’ that can be found & contacted that would likely be attracted to, or at least interested in, your offer.

Your offer needs to be made available for a price/investment your target market is willing to invest/pay for the benefit/s or outcomes your offer can give them.

You need to have a way to contact prospective customers or clients of your offer.

You need to have promotion/s that are proven to generate desirable actions/results from your target market prospects.

And you also ideally need to make sure your customers/clients are HAPPY with what they purchased, or invested in, so they’re more likely to tell others about your offer/s AND be willing to buy MORE from you in the future.

In addition, it’s incredibly smart to work toward having proven systems for each of these success factors as well.

So, focus on getting these factors going for YOU in your own entrepreneurial endeavors and I wish you the very BEST of Financial independence, as well!

To the success & Financial Independence of your DREAMS!

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