If you want to become successful in a home business (or ANY business), whether you want to make money, or achieve success, there are obviously MANY things that can give you a major advantage…

But, across the board, no matter who you are, and no matter WHAT you want to accomplish, or make happen, THIS single thing is more likely to give you that ‘Extra Edge’ you need to speed up your results to achieve success and make money, more than anything else!

It’s simply to figure out a number of results-getting habits & disciplines that create winning results towards the goals you want to achieve… And then CONTINUE to take those actions CONSISTENTLY (IE that’s why they’re called ‘Habits’, right?)….

I KNOW this probably seems pretty obvious, right? But, are you actually DOING this?!?!?

“Persistent & consistent steps forward & upward can conquer any mountain.”
Jason Oman, TV Success Story & #1 Best-Selling Author of ‘Conversations with Millionaires’, ‘Conversations with Female Millionaires’, & ‘Unlimited Home Business Success’ http://JasonOman.com

The point here is that ANY journey, goal, or accomplishment, that’s truly WORTH focusing on consistently, is something that will likely come with a few challenges, and speed bumps, along the way to achieving them.

But, to the degree that you DECIDE IN ADVANCE that you are NOT going to let challenges and speed bumps stop you from making forward progress, is likely the degree & chances that you will in fact ACHIEVE that goal!

I know it seems pretty obvious once stated outright like this.

But, time and time again MANY, even MOST, people let the challenges that show up on the way to accomplishing their goals, stop them, and continue to stand in their way of forward progress.

In other words, just simply make the DECISION, NOW, that you’re not going to let challenges, (that are likely to show up), stop you from getting where you want to go, and getting what you want to get!

I mean, isn’t it true, that at least SOME kind of challenge/s virtually always DO show up, in 1 way or another?

So, knowing that challenges probably WILL show up is 1 way you can prepare yourself to not let them stop you from getting what you want, and getting to where you want to go in your life.

MANY people continuously turn what SHOULD only be ‘speed bumps’ into full-blown ‘road blocks’ that totally stop them from continuing to take forward action steps.

And if you consistently let conquerable challenges hold you back, then Good Luck ever achieving any real goals truly worth achieving!… That just makes sense, right?

In fact, CONQUERING the challenges that are likely to show up along the way, can in fact make you even STRONGER and MORE likely to achieve other goal you most want to achieve!

AND, can even help you fly right PAST what you THOUGHT you’d be limited by as far as just how high, and far, you can really go by continuing to take winning actions consistently.

So, when it comes to making yourself successful, 1 of the MOST powerful things you can do to give yourself the ‘upper hand’, is to figure out what Results-Getting Actions you can turn into habits & disciplines you do CONSISTENLY.

Then, decide to KEEP taking those actions even when challenges pop up (cuz they always do and always will).

Now, if, along the way, some tweaks/adjustments become necessary (and don’t THOSE always show up too?), then simply make an adjustment or 2, while also keeping focused on what the fastest/most efficient solution to that challenge is, and KEEP focused on keeping on, keeping on taking ACTION!

The bottom line is that if you think the Road To Success is some kind of effortless journey that won’t have ANY stumbling blocks along the way, then you’re just simply fooling yourself. (MANY people’s stories and journeys DO/CAN make that kind of impression. But, it’s simply NOT the case the MAJOR majority of the time.

So, if you let yourself think it’s a simple piece of cake that won’t take hardly ANY effort, and you’ll be on the Golden Road To The Big-Time, then it’ll be MUCH more difficult to drive right over those speed bumps that WILL undoubtedly pop up.

(NOTE: SOME speed bumps can actually be like triggers to ways things could be shifted to go even faster and smother along the way!)

I’m NOT being negative here at all. In fact, exactly the OPPOSITE! SOmetimes the truth is the very BEST thing you can hear, so you’ll be prepared to keep rockin forward without things being too big of a surprise for you to handle.

The bottom line is that you CAN achieve WAY MORE than you probably give yourself credit for!

So, make the DECISION right NOW that you WILL keep going, and KEEP moving forward towards the goals you KNOW are worth achieving no matter what challenges pop up along the way!

(By the way, I define ‘worth achieving’ as simply being win-win. And the BIGGER the win-win for you, and others, the more ‘worth achieving’ it probably is!)

In other words, if you don’t get yourself to the point where you’re willing to keep moving forward and taking forward actions in spite of challenges, then you’d really be selling yourself INCREDIBLE short of what you really COULD achieve, accomplish, and enjoy!

It’s really just a simple mindset shift to make!

(I hope you can tell just how MUCH I want you to be able to achieve and enjoy the very BEST you can in your life! Setting you up to WIN, and be successful, is 1 of my biggest driving forces!)

It’s really and truly a DREAM for me to be able to make the maximum positive difference in people’s lives that I can!

Here’s to you achieving the VERY BEST you possibly CAN! AND maximizing the win-win factor so both you, and others, can get the very BEST as a result of you living your life!

Jason Oman
TV Success Story
#1 Best-Selling Author of ‘Conversations with Millionaires’
‘Conversations with Female Millionaires’
‘Millionaire Money Formula’
‘Unlimited Home Business Success’ & ‘Six-Figure Code’

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